sam® Professional accelerates healing of chronic tendon injuries: 

Chronic pain from tendon injury was reduced by 70%
along with improved strength in the treated limb. Learn More


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sam® Professional is a wearable medical device providing drug-free pain relief for a range of musculoskeletal conditions and is clinically proven to accelerate tissue healing.  No other technology delivers sustained acoustic medicine - controlled-release ultrasound treatment - for up to four hours daily.

sam® Professional is covered by insurance for most workers compensation and no fault claims. The therapy has been clinically demonstrated to reduce pain medication use and allow for patients to return to work more quickly without prolonged physiotherapy or surgery.

sam® Professional is FDA-cleared for the treatment of select medical conditions such as the relief of pain, the relief of muscle spasm, the treatment of joint contractures, and the increase of local circulation and is available by prescription.  

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